The Keyword Tool App

The Best Keyword Tool For Your Phone!

Keyword Suggestions

Fast and relevant keyword suggestions to help you find the right keywords.

Search Volume

Accurate search volume so you can see which keywords are the best to target.

Keywords In The Palm Of Your Hands

Long-Tail Keywords

Find long-tail keywords that other tools won't show you.

Relevant Results

Find keywords that are relevant and on topic to your seed keyword.

Keyword Groups

See keyword groupings that you should target to cover your topic fully.

The Details

Main Features

Keyword research right from your phone. No more breaking out your laptop to do keyword research. With our Keyword Tool you will be able to get your research done on the road, at work or anywhere in between.

Compatible with all of the latest iPhone OS versions. You can find us in the App Store for all apple products like the iPhone and iPad.

We are also available for all Android phones and devices. This means you can take us anywhere to do your keyword research even across devices.

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